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Clinical Placement Committee


This committee formed to address concerns associated with the manual processes that existed for scheduling student clinicals, and to advocated for the implementation of one of the nation’s first computerized clinical placement systems.  Today this committee promotes use of the region’s centralized clinical placement system, continues to evaluate lessons learned, and promotes adoption of best practices 

Florida Nursing Resource Center - Centralized Clinical Placement System - The Florida Nursing Resource Center is the result of collaboration between the Nursing Consortium of South Florida, the Palm Healthcare Foundation and the Health Foundation of South Florida.  With funding and other assistance provided by the foundations, the Consortium-administered Florida Nursing Resource Center was established in 2007 leveraging a system license from the Foundation of California Community Colleges (FCCC).  The FCCC's Centralized Clinical Placement System (CCPS) was designed to standardize and streamline the scheduling of clinical placements for nursing students and to identify underutilized clinical space so that greater numbers of nursing students could be accommodated for clinical training.  For more information please click here to access the Florida Nursing Resource Center site.

2008 User Survey Report - Please click here to view.

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