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The Nursing Consortium of South Florida (Consortium), is a 501(c)3 not for profit corporation founded in 1997 as the South Florida Nursing Shortage Consortium.  It has more than 50 dues-paying member organizations including hospitals and other providers of nursing services, nursing schools, nurse staffing agencies, nursing publications, and foundations.
The Consortium's mission is to strengthen relationships between nurses in practice and academic settings, and to promote and facilitate collaboration among Member organizations and with others, to identify and address opportunities for strengthening the nursing community, and to ensure adequate access to high quality ever improving nursing services.  While specific initiatives may evolve or wane over time, areas of ongoing focus include:
  • Monitoring and supporting the supply of culturally and clinically competent nurses in South Florida,
  • Education of the public, particularly persons considering nursing as a career, and relevant educators and advisors on the nursing profession, and on educational avenues through which career opportunities in nursing may be pursued,
  • Education of nurses, and of elected and appointed officials and other policy leaders on the need for and impact of public policies and programs on the nursing profession, and
  • Development and support of programming to encourage and facilitate nurse and nurse leader professional development, advancement, and life-long learning.
The Consortium's signature programs include the Day in the Life of a Nurse™ program,  introduced as a way of exposing high school and middle school students to the real work nurses do, high school Future Nurses Clubs, through which interest in nursing careers is fostered, and a web based system for managing for the scheduling of student nurse clinical experiences which maximizes the use of available clinical training venues. Regular Consortium conferences are forums for educating members on new study findings and initiatives proven successful within our region and in other parts of the country, and for educating and learning from elected officials, students, and other groups.
Members and key constituencies are also informed through communication services that include periodic e-newsletters and press releases.

On this website, you will find information for a variety of audiences—students, parents, nurses, consortium members, volunteers, and donors. We hope you find this website both useful and informative.

As a 501(c)(3), the Nursing Consortium of South Florida accepts tax deductible contributions to advance its work and it has received funding from The Helene Fuld Health Trust in New York City, the Palm Healthcare Foundation, and the Health Foundation of South Florida among others. For more information on the Consortium, please contact us.

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